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We are the leading sweet manufacturer in Kolkata

The city of joy, Kolkata believes in indulging in the great tastes of life. And sweets in Kolkata are as old as the culture. West Bengal is considered to be the cultural capital of India. People here are an infectiously passionate lot and among the diversified cultural aspects, and one thing that unites us is our love for food, especially sweets. People here surely know how to whip up some truly rich and sinfully amazing sweets.

Loved and trusted by the customers, we have spread our wings in Behala & New Alipore. Come, visit us any day and give us an opportunity to serve you the world class quality food.

Quality Products

Gupta Brothers is a leading sweet manufacturer in Kolkata who believe in producing quality products since its inception. We understand the emotion attached with food and take best care of our products maintaining proper hygiene and ensuring the utmost quality. The items that we produce go through many checkpoints to meet the expectations of our customers. Each raw material is carefully handpicked to bring the best quality food in your plate. The sweets and savories are produced each day to make sure they meet the highest level of freshness. We make it a point where sweets and snacks produced are neat, clean, hygienic and strictly veg. We love to experiment with our sweets and snacks items. And that is the foundation of our business i.e. constant innovation and strict quality control.

Come visit us any day and give us an opportunity to serve you the world class quality food

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